Crossbond High Pressure Laminates (HPL) are not only beautiful, but also purposeful. HPL is one of the most durable decorative surfaces. When its time to give your exterior design a new dimension, HPL offers the flexibility and character you need. HPL is also available with an optional fire retardant mineral core.

Why Crossbond?

Crossbond HPL stands out from the competition, thanks to its unmatched quality, ease of machinability, durability and performance. It has a wide range of applications that can be tailored to any customer’s needs, funds and decorative requirements.

Crossbond ACP is a versatile product that can easily be used for exterior and interior applications to obtain spectacular results. The wide variety of colours and texures can easily be mixed and matched for desired application.




Shopping Malls


Petrol Pump

Exhibition Stands

Building Renovations

School Buildings

Commercial Buildings


Balcony and Canopy Claddin

Partition and Ceiling Panels

Column Covers and Beams Wraps

Curtain walls and internal wall finishes.

False Ceilings

Interior Decoration

Showroom Finishes

Furniture and Cabinets

Rooftop edges, Parapet walls and wall canopies.

Spandrel, column covers and beam wraps.

Balconies and patio wall claddings.

Partition and ceiling panels.

Stairways, Elevators and Kiosk Panels

Advertising display and sign boards.

Public and commercial display walls.

Poster hoardings and exhibition rooms.

Shop sign boards and showroom finishes.

Machine casings and furniture accessories.