Elite FR ACP

Fire protection for a building starts at the planning stage. Minimizing fire risk, particularly in places with significant human traffic, such as transit terminals, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and high-rise buildings is of utmost importance. Throughout India, architects and building owners are required to meet stringent fire safety regulations aimed at protecting inhibitors and visitors of buildings.
Choice of materials used is very important and attention needs to aid in selecting the right grade of Elite Fire Retardant (FR) Aluminium Composite Panel. An educated choice will help mitigate the risk caused by fire. Performance factors that need to be evaluated include core composition, the spread of fire, droplets and smoke emission.


Why Crossbond Elite FR ACP

Crossbond Elite FR is the new generation exterior fire-retardant panel composed of two aluminium cover sheets sandwiched with a mineral filled polymer core. The aluminium surface is coil coated with an advanced PVDF/Lumiflon resin in a variety of finishes and colors.
Thanks to the mineral filled core Crossbond Elite FR meets all stringent fire regulations worldwide.


Core Details

Crossbond Elite FR’s patented core is formulated with a high percentage of Magnesium Hydroxide and Aluminium Oxide. These constituents are high quality non-halogenated FR materials. These materials are greatly non-combustible and do not produce toxic gases. The concentration of these materials is greater than 70%. Significant testing has proved that these materials restrict fire spread and no hazardous droplets are formed. Hence, Crossbond Elite FR ACP is an extremely safe cladding solution against fire, for buildings worldwide.