Metal laminates- your go-to solution for exceptional home decor

Metal laminates come with a plethora of design and decoration ideas which influences the involved people in all the positive manner. If you have just gathered the courage and finances to decorate your residential or corporate property, then it is always suggested to go for aluminium composite panel. ACP India provides the highest quality standards and also has the ability to include a chic touch to your interiors.

It can be used in and as-

  • Interior application in airports, hotels, shopping malls, and all other commercial buildings
  • These panels are weather resistant, as well as easy to install.
  • ACP has a low carbon footprint on the environment.
  • Also, these panels can be replaced with wood products, which in turn can save massive deforestation.

MDF boards are also another alternative of using woods and save the environment. MDF stands for medium density fiberboard, which is formed by breaking down wood residuals and combining resin and wax.


A much dense wooden alternative than plywood, MDF also comes in a lower budget.

It absorbs paint better than other wooden mediums. Also, when you buy MDF boards, you get a better-shaped furniture, which is consistent and can take more weight.

HPL, or high-pressure laminates are used in the exteriors if you are looking for the most decorative surface in your patio, garage and garden. HPL comes in a variety of character hence can be used flexibly as per the requirements. Often manufactures develop HPL that comes with an additional fire-retardant layer.

The key advantages of using HPL is quite the same as ACP. Mostly used in the exteriors of malls, schools, airport, apartment, commercial complexes and external walls, HPL is a versatile product with desired application throughout the application.

Crossbond is working with MDF boards, HPL, aluminium panels, particle boards, and PVC laminates for the last two decades. They have a industry standard quality, uniformity and consistency for providing customers with tailor-made materials for interiors and exterior for buildings, and homes. The materials they use are low in carbon footprint and are available in various colours. Also, quality control is another reason for Crossbond’s success.

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