True Stone

Crossbond True Stone finish ACP panels deliver an authentic visual impact to building facades. The natural texture of the stone finish helps connect the architecture and exterior to the surrounding landscape. The natural and timeless color options offer an enormous variety of designs that can be tailored to each architect's vision. Crossbond True Stone finish cladding is incredibly durable due to triple coat FEVE coating. This is particularly important for exterior applications. It is nearly maintenance-free and will last the test of time. The aluminum sub-construction allows for fast and efficient installation in a variety of dimensions, colors, and finishes. This cladding technique integrates majestic castle design into modern architecture.

Why Crossbond?

Crossbond True Stone stands out from the competition, thanks to its unmatched quality, ease of machinability, durability, and performance. It has a wide range of applications that can be tailored to any customer’s needs, funds and decorative requirements.